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Your One Stop Solution

BK KOREA is the sister company of BARSKOREA established in 2016 – BEST business partners for Bingsu and food business with full training and business consultant
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About BK Korea

With more than 17 years of success of BARSKOREA is recognized as No.1 manufacturer of Snow Ice machines in the world. We offer bingsu cafe franchising system, and also all the necessary equipment, ingredients and materials. We are the best choice franchise brand company in Korea, welcome all clients who wish to set up F&B and other businesses with our team.

Our Services

BK Korea is full-service design and branding company focusing on restaurants, coffee-shops, and dessert cafes brand. Providing total solution of multiple projects in food related business, BK KOREA expanding market over 20 countries for branding projects. All the brands and projects are strictly observed and performed by professional management team. We adapt our brand concepts and recipes to local cuisine in order to make it more appealed to local market.

Photo and Marketing

Preparing menu items for photos and additional promotional marketing materials. Depending on customers’ request, we can prepare video marketing materials and advertisement banners.

photo studio
photo studio
photo studio
photo studio
photo studio
photo studio

Interior Design

Our design team designs vintage, modern and industrial looks designs depends on menus and atmosphere of the brands. Try to be cozy and welcoming design for the business.

Our Projects

Our Projects

Sulmida Canada

Snow Dessert Cafe

Our Projects

BeK Korea Cambodia

Contemporary Dessert Cafe

Our Projects

BeK Korea Australia

Premium Dessert Cafe

Our Projects

SeolBang Philippines

Dessert Cafe

Menu Development

Our team from BK KOREA develops new menu for each season as new menus in each country. Always menus come out presentable quality!

photo studio
photo studio


Our experienced team from BK KOREA, will train you how to prepare the full business concepts, quality drinks, snow desserts (aka bingsu), and various fusion dishes in your business site.

Our Brand Partners

Working with excellent partners in all over the places in the world with branding package. Customer can create the brand theme and BK KOREA will support for all process until opening!!!

Dessert cafe bek

Premium Dessert Café

BK KOREA introduces freshest snow ice originated from KOREA. Providing newest texture of snow ice with healthy ingredients, customers enjoy well-being menus and brand atmosphere.

moden ice bingbox

Modern Shaved Ice

Bingbox represents an innovative take on modern Korean shaved ice (bingsu), revolutionizing it by infusing flavors into the snow itself, offering a unique ice base of mango, matcha, chocolate, and other distinctive tastes


Contemporary Café

The ‘SULMIDA’ focused on being most innovative retailer in the world offering cleavable and nutritious selections of fresh menus and other dessert selection.

Korean BBQ Restaurant 먹방불고기

Korean BBQ Restaurant

‘MEOKBANG’ Korean BBQ Restaurant creates an experience to take you and your friends on a culinary journey to Hong Kong.


Roastery Café

In BECOFFEE we roast our own coffee only from the freshest coffee beans from all over the world. We love our coffee and we are proud of serving it.


Delightful Snow Desserts

So Bing introduces to Israel the popular Korean dessert Bingsu, based on flavored snow accompanied by sauces, fresh fruit and various extras.

We focus on the quality !

Barskorea Super Snow Machines
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Visit BK Korea Website

BK Korea offers various franchising and branding options for its customers. Choose your plan and start you business today.

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